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Zhengbo Intelligent Manufacturing

Intelligent manufacturing products cover military shoes, labor insurance shoes, outdoor shoes, sports shoes, work shoes, etc., through the introduction of advanced intelligent production equipment (such as: German DESMA S-level automatic disc continuous injection machine), in order to standardize, Standardization drives intelligence, and intelligence drives the high added value of products. It deeply integrates informatization and industrialization. Starting from the future needs of technology and innovation, the intelligent industrial park is committed to becoming a new model and new benchmark for shoe companies.

 Zhengbo Industrial

In order to better meet the needs of market growth and at the same time to accelerate the company's smart manufacturing pace, in March 2019, the company started the construction of the smart manufacturing industrial ecological park (Zhengbo Phase II). The Zhengbo Phase II covers an area of 300 acres and the planned total investment is 20 100 million yuan to build a smart manufacturing industrial ecological park integrating smart factory buildings, smart product research and development, exhibition centers, and modern logistics. After Zhengbo Phase II is officially put into operation, the company will realize a comprehensive upgrade of its industrial service platform from outsourcing to its own smart product brand, from smart foundry to smart manufacturing, and from smart manufacturing to smart manufacturing.

 Zhengbo Industrial
 Zhengbo Industrial
 Zhengbo Industrial
 Zhengbo Industrial

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